A New Poll Says This is the Best Fast-Food Burger in America

Fast-food burgers are one of America’s favorite food items and USA TODAY has taken a new poll to find the 10 Best Fast-Food Burgers in the country. With so many competitors you may be surprised at the burger that came in at #1 in the poll – BurgerFi’s BBQ Rodeo Burger. Experts created an initial list which was narrowed down by 10 Best editors and readers made the final choice by voting with a limit of one vote per day. 

The BurgerFi Rodeo Burger consists of two natural Angus beef patties stacked with charred jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, haystack onions, Memphis sweet BBQ sauce, and logo-branded buns. The article goes on to say “You may not be able to help yourself from bellowing ‘yeehaw’” after getting a taste of the burger and they also noted that it has only been around since February 2023. 

The burger also was the winner of Schweid & Sons The Very Best Burger Award at this year’s South Beach Food & Wine festival. Robert Irvine, a judge at this contest said “It’s a great burger, juicy and reflective of who the brand is.” BurgerFi strives to maintain very high standards and their website says “All cattle are raised on natural feed like pasture grass, hay, grains, and legumes before finished on a corn-based diet for true corn-fed flavor and optimum marbling.” The chain has also received a Reader’s Choice Award for one of the Best Fast Casual Restaurants

Most of BurgerFi’s locations are located on the East Coast so it might make trying this award-winning burger difficult for us in NWA unless you're planning to travel. The highest rated burger we can get here is the cheesebuger at Five Guys.


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