Four Signs They're Not Your Soul Mate, They're Just a Lesson

Not everyone we date ends up being “the one.” Instead, there are people we learn from and grow from. Things may not have worked out with them, but it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the relationship, and the person, to help you figure out what you want and need.

But sometimes it can be hard to figure out if they’re a lesson, or if they’re our soulmate. Soulmates teach us things about ourselves, too. So how can you know? Here are four signs they’re a lesson for you, but not “the one.”

  1. They’re constantly bringing out the parts of yourself you try and hide away. Like your impulsive side and your jealous tendencies. They know how to push your buttons.. and seem to like doing it.
  2. You feel anxious when you’re not around them. You have this fear they’ll find someone better than you and leave you… aka you don’t trust them.
  3. They reopen old wounds and trigger your insecurities. You feel more insecure than anything. They make you feel like the bare minimum is all you’re worth getting.
  4. Deep down, you know they’re not here to stay. Basically, something just feels off, and deep down, you know they’re not “the one.”

Source: Collective World

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