Current Fashion Trends People Can't Stand

We’re more than halfway through 2023 already… and we’ve seen a lot of fashion trends this year. Which ones should stay for the second half of the year and which ones need to go? The ”Buzzfeed Community” is sharing the “of-the-time” fashion trends that they’re totally over.

  • "Claw clip ponytails."
  • "The whole Y2K trend that's been lurking for a while now but boomed in 2023. I cannot stand the low-rise capris and bedazzled skinny scarves. It was the one decade I'd always hoped would never make a comeback, but here we are. It can look good in pictures and TikToks — I even follow one or two Y2K girlies — but it's absolutely ridiculous when you see someone wearing flared jeans under a pink dress in public. Come on. I know we, as a society, can do better."
  • "Cargo pants. Yes, as a woman, I asked for clothes with pockets, but this was sooooo not what I meant!"
  • "Transparent everything. Why do I gotta see your nasty feet in transparent shoes, all warm and sweaty?"
  • "Flounced skirts. They look good on no one."
  • "Giant oversized men's blazers on women. It looks like we're playing dress up in our dad's clothes."
  • "Tassels and feathers on everything (especially on floor-length dresses, like prom dresses). I don't know who decided that it would be cute to cover a skin-tight hot pink dress with hot pink feathers or who thought putting tassels on a literal ball gown would make it look prettier, but I despise them immensely."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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