Top Denim Trends for Fall

You’d never know it by walking outside, but fall will be here soon and the season will be bringing new denim trends along with it. While jeans will always be a closet staple, the specific styles that are in change from season to season.

Based on what was coming down the runway in the fall ‘23 collections and what’s seen on Instagram, the big themes to note are that jeans are getting longer and baggier, waistlines are going lower and the looks from the early aughts aren’t going anywhere. These are some of the top trends you’ll be seeing in denim this fall, so you can keep up with the latest fashions.

  • Loose, relaxed jeans - Roomy jeans have been making a comeback and they seem to be here to stay. Boyfriend styles, jeans with wide-legs and 90s-inspired baggies are very in for fall.
  • Dark and tailored - Think classic with a sophisticated twist and sleek shapes. Jeans may be casual in general, but the wash, the fit and the styling of them elevates them.
  • Floor-length skirts - Denim skirts are here to stay, but they’re not the minis we’ve worn in the past. This fall, maxi skirts that sweep the floor are the “It” denim piece that could replace your go-to jeans.
  • Low rises - For better or worse, the early aughts style is back. But with roomier, relaxed fits they’ll be easier to wear.
  • Double denim - Coordinated denim outfits are starting to be seen again. Wearing a denim top and jeans may feel cringey, but style experts say they look especially cool with a chambray shirt in a wash that matches the jeans.

Source: Who What Wear

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