If You're Asking These Questions in a New Relationship, RUN

Sure, when you’re just starting out in a new relationship, there are a lot of things to question. You don’t fully know where you stand just yet. You don’t know if this really has potential to go the long haul or not. You’re still figuring out your feelings for each other.

But there are some questions that you shouldn’t ignore when you start dating. If you’re asking yourself any of the below questions, they’re actually big red flags. You may want to cut your losses before things go any further and run away.

  1. Is he/she married or otherwise unavailable to commit to me?
  2. Is he/she controlling, rude, or disrespectful toward others or me?
  3. Does he/she react to frustration with anger, rage, and blame?
  4. Does he/she send suggestive or nude pictures and ask to reciprocate?
  5. Does his/her behavior often change or is inconsistent?
  6. Is he/she pessimistic and negative about things that matter to me?
  7. Does he/she talk too much about himself and monopolize the conversation or act too withdrawn?
  8. Does he/she miss dates without rescheduling in advance?
  9. Is he/she always talking about his ex or exes?
  10. Does he/she "love bomb" me to the point of cyberstalking?

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Source: YourTango

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