60% of Parents Admit to Spending More Time on The Phone Than Kids

How much time are you on your phone every day? According to a new survey, parents spend an average of close to five hours a day on electronic devices, which is more than the less than four hours they spend doing meaningful activities with their kids.

The poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Campspot of 2-thousand moms and dads reveals:

  • Six in 10 parents admit they spend more time on their screens than their kids do.
  • The majority of parents (80%) own three electronic devices or more, while 81% of their kids own at least two electronic devices of their own.
  • Only 2% of kids don’t own any devices at all.
  • All that screen time may be why 60% of parents are looking for ways to get away from technology and reconnect with their kiddos this summer.
  • Just over half (52%) of parents have tried to limit screen time in their household.
  • And 79% say their experiences with their kids are more memorable when electronic devices aren’t involved.
  • Parents admit they feel a positive shift in parenting when they’re enjoying outdoor activities, with 72% feeling like they’re able to focus more on family time and 52% feeling more relaxed when outside.
  • Top summer activities parents are planning for their family include camping and hiking (59%), having picnics or meals outside (58%), going to amusement parks or water parks (58%) and exploring new places and traveling (58%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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