"Sesame Street" Joins Other Brands in Roasting Twitter's Rebrand

The move by Elon Musk yesterday to change “Twitter” into “X.com” got a lot of attention, but some problems have already popped up with the move. One thing that Musk might not see as a problem is that it seems like everyone is talking about the change…including “Sesame Street,” which tweeted yesterday “The letter X will be holding a press conference later today,” with a screenshot of the letter X on a podium with a microphone. The official account for fast-food chain Wendy’s, which has a reputation for roasting anyone and everyone, tweeted that the change by Musk was “his most expensive X yet.”

Responding to a tweet (or an “X”) about his reasons for changing the company’s branding, Musk said the Twitter name didn’t make sense in light of his plans to “add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world.”

Meanwhile, Elon’s efforts to remove the Twitter logo from the company’s headquarters yesterday as promised were stopped by the San Francisco Police Department. The department, which was responding to a report of an unpermitted street closure, later reported that there was no crime being committed and the crew went back to removing the sign. Another potential problem with the rebrand surfaced yesterday when reporters discovered that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has already registered an “X” logo in connection to “online social networking services.” One more issue for the two billionaires to sort out in their cage fight.

Source: Deadline

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