Food-Themed Decor is the Latest Design Trend

Have you been noticing food-shaped candles or accessories at your favorite home decor stores? “Culinarycore” - or food-themed decor - is all over the Internet and in shops right now and people are eating it up.

The term “culinarycore” may not be as popular as the trend itself yet, but Amber Kemp-Gerstel, a HomeGoods Featured Finder says it’s coming. “The trend essentially captures our love of all things that look like food,” she explains. “There’s something nostalgic, quirky and childlike about it.”

The pro shopper says she started seeing food decor trending on TikTok in late 2022. Items like coasters that look like a stacked sandwich, candles shaped like a bowl of cereal, vases that look like a carton of orange juice and ottomans shaped like macarons are prime examples of culinarycore. These items are being embraced by younger age groups and would look great in a dorm room, but if you’re not sure you want a fried chicken candle or a corn-on-the-cob stool in your living room, Kemp-Gerstel suggests focusing on colors and accents, like lemon-yellow furniture instead of a lemon print or lemon-shaped pillow.

Source: Delish

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