"Alphabet Dating" is the New TikTok Dating Trend

Running out of date ideas? “Alphabet dating” is the new TikTok dating trend that’s here to help. It takes your date night activities and organizes them alphabetically, by the first letter the date night idea starts with. First instance, your first date would start with A so you could go apple picking or do another “a” activity.

For your second date, you’ll move on to “b” and you can do a board game night or a brewery or any “b” activity. The goal is to keep going until you get through all the letters of the alphabet, giving you 26 new and fun date night activities.

Where did “alphabet dating” come from? We’re not sure, but it’s been a thing on TikTok since at least February 2022 which is when TikToker @abbymbenson first went viral for it. Since then, users all over the app have shared their vids of “alphabet dating.”

You can still get in on the trend even if you’re not in a relationship. TikToker @Justdin30 and their bestie did a “friendship edition” of it for BFFs, urging others to “romanticize your friendships.”

Source: Bolde

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