Surprising Things That Women Find Attractive in Men

Some people have classic beauty and that makes them nice to look at, but thankfully, we all have our own opinions about what we find appealing. A Reddit thread digs into this by asking, “Ladies, what are some unconventional physical features you find attractive in men?”

These are some of the unexpected things women say they’re drawn to in men:

  • "I'm a sucker for crows feet and laugh lines around the eyes."
  • "Call me weird, but men with a boyish charm — not just in looks but also in behavior. So, yes, I do find men with puppy-like faces who are silly and young at heart attractive."
  • "When their second to the front teeth are slightly crooked."
  • "I love bald men. Sexy AF especially if they work out."
  • "I LOVE rough, calloused hands."
  • "I like short-ish men if they’re well-proportioned. I’m 5’5", and the perfect size for me is about 5’7". I don’t know why, I just always thought smaller men were cute and sexy."
  • "Shoulder freckles are the best."
  • "A lopsided smile will always draw my attention."
  • "Hair on the face, arms, legs, chest, and head."
  • "Giant eyebrows."
  • "I find dark eyes extremely attractive. Like where you can't even see the pupil because it just blends with the eye."
  • "Acne scars are so sexy."
  • "I love men with expressed cheekbones — like young Johnny Depp."
  • "Muscular calves. I like strong legs on a guy. Buff arms and chicken legs will always look ridiculous to me."
  • "My partner has a distinct curve between his chin and lower lip. It drives me wild. It's so beautiful to me."
  • "Dark under-eye circles."
  • "Prominent shoulder blades. That's the sexiest thing."
  • "Red hair, facial hair, and a buzz cut. I saw a guy today that had all three, and I couldn’t stop staring — *chef's kiss* what a beautiful man."

Source: Reddit

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