People Say Doing Chores Helped Them Bond With Parents

Most of us would rather do just about anything than clean the house, but it turns out, there’s an unexpected benefit to having to pitch in at home as a kid. According to a new survey, one in four Americans say doing chores actually helped them bond with their parents.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Kenmore also finds:

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) find comfort in doing tasks the way they learned from their parents.
  • Another 60% credit their parents for passing on valuable health and cleaning tips.
  • Seven in 10 respondents believe they have a strong relationship with their parents and 61% say spending quality time together is the biggest reason for that.
  • Bonding over family meal time is another major contributor to those strong relationships (38%).
  • Half (51%) of those polled learned to find humor and laugh things off from their parents.

The top cleaning tips people learned from their parents include:

  • To pick items up, not just dust around them (73%)
  • Hand-wash dishes in a specific order: silverware, glasses, plates, then pots and pans (70%)
  • To “put the kitchen to bed,” as in cleaning the kitchen before leaving it for the night (68%)
  • Clean a bar of soap off after using it (57%)
  • To keep surfaces clean (50%)
  • Take off shoes inside the house (32%)
  • Move furniture around while vacuuming (24%)
  • Use the 10/30 rule for cleaning, where you take the 10 extra steps or 30 extra seconds to do something the right way (21%)
  • Divide the house into zones and assign each person in the household a zone to clean (19%)
  • To listen to music while cleaning to help you relax while you’re working (16%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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