People Reveal the Revenge They'd Wish on Their Worst Enemy

If the world were a perfect place, we’d all be the bigger person when someone does us wrong, but we’re only human. It’s normal to wish a little bit of bad luck on your enemy, nothing too awful, just enough to make their life a little less enjoyable. A Reddit thread digs into this by asking, “What would you wish upon your worst enemy?”

People are getting creative with their ideas and these are some of the best - or worst - of the more than 4-thousand responses:

  • "Netflix stopping to buffer at 99% for 30 seconds every two minutes."
  • "Them being stuck on the toilet with a toilet paper dispenser that shreds each square as they try to pull it out."
  • "Sleeves falling down while washing hands, pillow always warm, itching in a spot not reachable."
  • "Stuck on 3-hour long calls with old people who need help changing their password."
  • "Every time they go to drink, the ice sticks together into a big clump until they tilt it way back and then it finally unsticks and splashes all over their face."
  • "Clothes getting caught on doors and handles forever."
  • "Cheeto fingers that never stop, with nothing except orange cheese dust covering everything."
  • "Lower their spice tolerance to the point where mayonnaise is too spicy."
  • "Always finding glitter in their clothes, food, house, everywhere."
  • "Every pet they ever own in their lifetime hates them."
  • "Every time they walk, run, or jog, there's always a sharp and painful rock in their shoe that they can't get out. Every time they try to remove it, there will be two more sharp rocks, then four, then six, then eight, and so on."
  • "They are the third wheel on every date."
  • "Jury duty."
  • "Never again being able to complete a sneeze, but always needing to."
  • "Never ending soup, salad, and breadsticks, only they can’t leave and it never ends."
  • "Any time they turn on a show on any viewing platform, they are forced to watch a random episode of the “George Lopez Show” instead of whatever it was they clicked on."
  • "Wet socks for eternity."
  • And finally, "Every time it's dark and they are barefoot, they step on a Lego."

Source: Reddit

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