Two in Five Young Adults Say Marriage is an Outdated Tradition

Being young and in love doesn’t necessarily mean couples want to get married anymore, according to new research. A survey finds that two in five young adults believe marriage is an outdated tradition and 85% don’t think you need to get married to have a fulfilling and committed relationship.

The poll from the Thriving Center of Psychology also finds that more women (52%) than men (41%) feel this way about saying “I do.” So why are young adults against tying the knot? Cost is one of the biggest reasons, with 73% of Gen Z and millennials surveyed saying weddings are just too expensive in today’s economy and another 72% say they just “aren’t interested” in marriage.

  • One in six respondents say they have no plans to get married in the future, but 83% still hope they will eventually get married “someday.”
  • Nosy questions from older generations aren’t helping to get young adults down the aisle either, with 68% saying it’s intrusive to ask people about their marriage plans.
  • Just over three-quarters (77%) say it’s just as bad to ask a couple if they’re planning to have kids.
  • Many feel judged for their choices, with 38% feeling judged for not being married.
  • And 69% of women say their mom judges them the most for not being married, compared to only 27% of men who feel the same.
  • Some folks aren’t interested in wedlock because they worry it won’t last, as 47% of respondents are afraid of divorce.

Source: Study Finds

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