"Single People" Things You Should Still Do in a Relationship

Of course, you want to do things with the person you’re dating. That’s part of the fun of being in a relationship! But just because you’re with someone doesn’t mean you should completely stop doing some of the things you used to do when you were single.

You don’t want to be entirely co-dependent, do you? Or one of those couples you probably made fun of when you were single, who basically morphed into a two-person unit. So how can you prevent this from happening? Do some things without your boo here and there! Here are some fun things you probably did when you were single that you can, and should, still do alone even though you’re now in a relationship.

  1. Pizza and Netflix with your BFF
  2. A night in alone
  3. A lunch date with your buds
  4. Volunteering
  5. Going back to school
  6. Shopping
  7. Taking a spa day
  8. Catching up with the fam
  9. Bad karaoke with your colleagues
  10. Free museum day

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Source: YourTango

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