Our Favorite Junk Foods

It only happens once a year and it’s a day worth celebrating for sure … we’re talking about National Junk Food Day, which happens to be today (July 21st). If there was ever a day to leave the salad in the fridge and treat yourself to some fat, sugar, salt, carbs and calories, this is it. In honor of this food holiday, a new report reveals Americans’ favorite junk foods.

Casinos.com analyzed Google Trends and search data for the last year to determine what the most popular junk foods are in each state.

  • They purposely left out fast food restaurants, since they get their own holiday, National Fast Food Day, November 16th.
  • They also didn’t include drinks, sodas, or anything you could consider healthy.
  • America’s favorite junk food in 2023 is … Sour Patch Kids. They’re the favorite in seven states: Arizona, California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina.
  • KitKat is the most popular chocolate bar, it’s the favorite in Nevada, New York, Oregon and Washington.
  • Pringles also did well and were the favorite in four states: Illinois, Indiana, Montana and Utah.
  • Skittles win in two states: Idaho and Nebraska.
  • Starburst got two as well: Minnesota and Washington, D.C.
  • Animal crackers are the favorite in Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia.
  • Butterfinger is the top choice in Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Nerds are the favorite in Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.
  • Fruit Roll Ups are the favorite of Alaska and Louisiana.
  • Gummy Bears win in two states: Colorado and Hawaii.
  • Cheez-Its are the favorite junk food in Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • And a lot of junk foods were the favorite in just one state. Doritos - Arkansas, Granola Bars - Connecticut, Milk Duds - Georgia, Oreos - Iowa, Ruffles - Mississippi, Milky Way - New Hampshire, Chips Ahoy! - New Jersey, Beef Jerky - New Mexico, Twizzlers - North Dakota, Reese’s - Ohio, Swedish Fish - Pennsylvania, Baby Ruth - South Dakota, M&M’s - Wisconsin and Twinkie - Wyoming.

Source: Casinos.com

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