Married Men Tell Us their Wives' Most Annoying Habit

We love our partners. But let’s be real – sometimes they can annoy us. No matter how much you love someone, there’s at least one thing they do that can just drive you batty. No one’s perfect and we all know that love’s about loving even the imperfectness. Married men are spilling what their wives’ most annoying habits are.

  • "My wife has a tendency to continue talking even when I try explaining that I'm in the middle of something (like reading, watching TV, or working). She'll continue to make noise, play videos she finds on the Internet, talk to the cats, and say "OMG, Michael, look at this!" I can't completely blame her - we do live in VERY tight quarters - but sometimes it's very hard to deal with. Most of the time, I rely on my ADD to tune her out."
  • "My wife will oftentimes just act as though nothing's wrong when she's upset with me. She'll be quiet and go about her business while stewing. Then I'll see that something is wrong, I'll ask, and she'll start the "No... nothing's wrong... well... there is this ONE thing..." and then we can finally get the issue resolved. It pushes my buttons because a) I'm usually oblivious to my mistakes and b) I'm a "bring it up and deal with it" person."
  • "My wife has a tendency to put things down, whatever she happens to be holding, on any open horizontal surface that's convenient. Piles of stuff just start spawning and growing and it drives me nuts. Eventually, I'll just gather a few of the piles and make a large pile of stuff to clear up some surface space."

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Source: YourTango

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