People Tell Us Why They Cheated on Their Partner

Cheating tends to be a no-no, but sometimes it still happens. There’s not just one same reason why people cheat – they do it for all different kinds of reasons. Not that there’s an excuse for cheating, but some people took to Reddit to spill why they cheated. Here are their perspectives.

  • “Young and dumb, not really ready to commit, and too much of a coward to break it off.”
  • “I walked in on her with a co-worker, so I revenge-cheated with someone close to her. It created a triangle of emotional damage. But I learned how to process the bad stuff in a healthier way once the dust settled from the three of us destroying each other.”
  • “Because I didn’t have the emotional intelligence to end it like a considerate human being.”
  • “I was selfish, I can think of a hundred reasons why I did, but in the end, I was just selfish. I do not have many regrets in my life but that one will stay with me forever. A life lesson learned the hard way.”
  • “I wasn’t happy in my relationship. Found someone and got a place together. She was a great woman and I ruined that by going back to the bad relationship. I can confirm that I am an idiot.”
  • “The thrill of the chase and ‘thinking’ that in all the places in the world with all the people in the world, the probability of getting busted is .001%.”
  • “After a lot of self-reflection, I noticed that I’d think about talking to another girl whenever we were in a rough spot (mostly me who was not happy/felt unheard/unseen). I sought external validation and couldn’t provide for my own.”

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Source: Reddit

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