Most Pet Owners Say Their Dog Live a Life of Luxury

How do you think your dog would do out in the wild alone? Two in three dog owners say their pet could “never survive in the wild” without them, according to a new survey.

The poll of 2-thousand dog owners Commissioned by Now Fresh and conducted by OnePoll finds that the average person thinks their dog could only take care of themselves for two days, but 31% give their dog less than one day. Part of the reason for that may be that 86% claim their dogs live a “life of luxury” compared to their ancestors:

  • Three-quarters (77%) say their dog has gotten used to a life of being catered to.
  • Four in five dogs prefer staying inside when it’s raining and 68% would rather stay in than go outside when it’s cold.
  • To cope with those weather conditions, 27% of dogs need a jacket when the temperature is less than 40-degrees F, while 16% require a doggie poncho, 12% need booties and 7% prefer an umbrella held over them in the rain.
  • The average dog sleeps for 11 hours a day and only plays for two hours.
  • About half (44%) of respondents say their dog sleeps in the same bed as them, while 27% say their dog sleeps on the floor right next to their bed.
  • For 83% of dog owners, their pet follows them everywhere they go, including the kitchen (84%), couch (76%), backyard (75%) and 66% say their dog even follows them into the bathroom.
  • The top pet-safe foods dogs love as a treat include carrots (34%), apples (31%), sweet potatoes (31%) and bananas (27%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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