How to End Things With Someone You Love

Even when you’re the one doing the breaking up, it can be hard. It’s especially harder if you still care and love that person, but you know that things need to end for other reasons. 

So how can you end things with someone you love? First, make sure that things really do need to end, and that there’s no other option. Next, follow these tips from relationship experts.

  1. Prepare for the conversation. Think about how you will phrase why you want to end things and why the relationship isn’t working. Also, keep in mind it may take more than one conversation.
  2. Compassionately explain your reasoning. Choose a time when you can both give your full attention. Be calm and compassionate as you explain things. Don’t be accusatory.
  3. Listen to their side. If you want an amicable breakup, both of you should be able to share your feelings and side of the story.
  4. Own your part of the breakup. Relationships take work on both ends. If the relationship isn’t working, it’s likely because of both of you.
  5. Set boundaries. Your partner will probably need space to process everything. Give it to them. Also, stand firm in your decision, and don’t let them or the situation change your mind. Come up with a plan, together, of how you’ll part ways and split things.

Source: Mind Body Green

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