The "Open Casting" Dating Trend

Have you heard of “open casting?” In the entertainment industry, it refers to allowing anyone to come in to audition for a role, but the term has a different meaning in the world of dating. It’s basically being willing to date outside your “type,” whatever that may be.

Bumble previously predicted that “open casting” would be one of the top six dating trends for 2023 and it seems a lot of singles are willing to give it a try. In the dating app’s survey of more than 14-thousand of their users, 38% said they’re more open to people who consider dating beyond their type. All kinds of things from advertising to your friends may influence what you consider to be your type, but your type may not actually be the best match for you.

That’s why being more open-minded and open to possibilities by dating beyond your type is a good thing. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch things like “my type needs to be kind and considerate and understand me without bringing unnecessary drama.” You don’t have to start dating jerks to embrace open casting, but if you’ve been focusing on people who fit a specific physical appearance, background, or some other superficial quality, you may have been missing out and expanding your pool of potential partners is bound to help increase the odds you’ll find one.

Source: Psychology Today

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