Remember These Things When You're Missing an Ex

Sometimes… we miss our exes. We know that they’re toxic and we know we shouldn’t be missing them, but we still do. Before you go ahead and send that text to them, or before you fall down the rabbit hole again, remind yourself that you’re better than that. You don’t need them. You’re doing great! 

If that’s not enough, remind yourself of these 10 things the next time you find yourself missing your ex.

  1. You can finally sleep in peace.
  2. They were only kinda good-looking.
  3. They weren’t any good at helping with your problems anyway.
  4. They’re a mess to live with. Literally and figuratively.
  5. They partied way too much.
  6. They were ridiculously forgetful.
  7. You were never prioritized.
  8. They were severely lacking in the romance department.
  9. They never respected your friends the way they should’ve.
  10. They never showed you off.

Source: Bolde 

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