Men Spill Their Turn-Offs When it Comes to Dating

Let’s be real - there are a lot more articles out there about women’s turn-ons and turn-offs than men’s. Redditor Diligent-Log6805 is adding an article to the men's column, as he took to Redditor to ask “Guys, what do women do that give you the ick?” Men were quick to share their turn-offs, and here they are.

  • "Loudly empathizing with every cause and group on the planet but treating people in their personal lives like trash."
  • "I think not taking accountability is the biggest one. If you messed up, were rude, incorrect, or whatever, and then you never apologize or admit fault is so unattractive. Just own it and apologize like a grown-up."
  • "When they think a toxic trait of theirs is cute or quirky. There's a big difference between being blunt in a respectful way and being rude."
  • "Lie about how they feel."
  • "Giving the silent treatment. I've hated it for the longest time — when you do something wrong and you try to apologize and they say nothing is even worse. It's just hurtful."
  • "Letting their phone be a distraction from being present."
  • "When they always talk about themselves and never ask you anything at all so the entire thing just revolves around her. Not even like 'How was your day?' or 'Are you ok?' — nope, it's just always about them and the attention."

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Source: Reddit

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