Women Reveal Exes Most Embarrassing Behaviors

When you’re with someone for a long time, you learn things about them that no one else knows. Sometimes they tell you, or you just notice them, but as long as you’re together, you probably keep these things to yourself. But a thread on Reddit’s Ask Women forum has them dishing the dirt.

It asks, “What embarrassing secrets do you know about your exes?” And they didn’t hold back in their responses:

  • "One of my exes fell for a spam email when we were in college and ended up owing the bank $20,000."
  • "My ex used to tell people he was in the military and sometimes used the word 'veteran.' In reality, he was kicked out of bootcamp for getting drunk while on some sort of duty."
  • "He is in his late-20s and eats his boogers."
  • "My ex was bored one night at work and decided to take a print of his ass on the copy machine. He broke it. What he didn't know was that it was caught on camera! They fired him the next day. And to make matters worse, we were parents of a newborn."
  • "The only reason he got his college degree was because I wrote his last paper for him."
  • "My ex would never wash his jeans or wear underwear. I don’t know how long he didn’t wash them for, but I picked them up once, and they had brown skid-marks inside."
  • "I used to sneakily hand him my credit cards so it looked like he was paying for our meals. 🤦🏻‍♀️"
  • "My ex, who was a hot-shot commercial accountant, drove a fancy car, and wore expensive suits was still living at home (no shade!) and sleeping in his childhood twin bed, but his dad still did his laundry."
  • "My ex peed in Gatorade bottles at his computer so he wouldn’t have to interrupt his gaming sessions. He rarely disposed of them."
  • "My ex didn’t think outer space was real."
  • "That his mum cuts his toenails for him"
  • "When he gets drunk, he pees in his sleep"
  • "He confessed after we broke up he stole panties from random women in the laundromat at our apartment complex."

Source: Reddit

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