The Dating Terms You Should Know This Year

Dating has changed, we all know that. With that, dating terminology has changed, too. If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while you may be confused when you hear some new slang. To make things just a bit easier as you’re on your dating journey, here are the dating terms you should know in 2023, and what they really mean.

  1. Zombieing: Instead of just having a ghost that leaves you alone, you have a Zombie that’s come back again.
  2. Benching: Yes, think like sports, because dating’s a sport. This has become the term used when someone wants to have someone “on the bench” to have fun with, but doesn’t want to commit to them.
  3. Breadcrumbing: Think Hansel & Gretel. This is when your crush gives you little, but just enough attention to keep your hopes up.
  4. Cookie-jarring. When the person you’re seeing has been seeing other people behind your back.
  5. Groundhogging: When you go for the same type of wrong person over and over, thinking you’ll get different results. You won’t.
  6. Fizzling: When someone becomes unresponsive and less engaged; it’s a gradual decrease instead of a hard-core stop.
  7. Pocketing: You’re seeing someone, but they won’t introduce you to their family or friends.
  8. Love bombing: You’re basically bombarding the person you’re with with love. Think grand gestures and huge gifts.

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Source: Grazia

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