Two-Thirds of Teachers Miss Their Classrooms Over the Summer

For some kids across the country, summer break just started, but according to new research, many families are already looking ahead to back-to-school time. A survey of a thousand parents of kids between five and 17 and a thousand K-12 teachers finds that two-thirds of teachers say they miss their classrooms over the summer and they’re already planning for what their classroom will need next year.

The poll conducted by OnePoll for Office Depot reveals:

  • The average teacher thinks about the upcoming school year eight times during summer break, while 45% say it’s on their mind more often.
  • More than a quarter of teachers admit they’re still in “educator mode” during the summer, as 27% say they’ll spend part of their break planning and decorating their classroom for next year.
  • Teachers plan to spend around $320 of their own money on classroom supplies for the next school year.
  • They say their classroom’s top priority needs include basic supplies like notebooks and pencils (37%) and organization and storage solutions (23%).
  • Parents are also thinking about the kids going back to school, with 58% looking forward to the 2023-24 school year and 66% feel it will be better than last year.
  • Some moms and dads are also planning ahead for back-to-school shopping and 39% say they’re going to get it done sooner than later.
  • Parents are planning to spend an average of $225 on school shopping, but 53% admit they’re concerned about affording the school supplies they want to buy their kid.
  • Looking back to last school year, 70% of all respondents feel the experience was positive overall.
  • Parents say the school year was a success because their child got good grades (46%), learned skills that help them outside the classroom (34%) and became more social (30%).
  • As for teachers, they credit the success of last school year to being able to inspire their students (41%) and get creative with their teaching methods (36%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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