Single? Start Dating Yourself!

Being single is hard enough without the mounting pressure to “couple up” by family, friends, and society at large. However, if you’re spending all your time and energy trying to find that perfect someone, you may be neglecting the most important person in your life – you!

While you’re out there looking for a person to share your life with, try dating yourself in the meantime. After all, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the better companion you’ll be.

Get To Know Yourself: Check in with yourself to see how your values and goals have changed as you’ve evolved. Are you still passionate about the same things? Do you still find meaning in the same activities as when you were younger? Remind yourself what energizes you and what leaves you feeling drained and set aside time to take on new adventures to help (re)discover who you are.

Meditate: Mindfulness meditation has the ability to positively impact the entire package – mind, body and soul. By taking time each day to settle your body and breathe in the present, you can elevate your mood and embrace a few moments of solitude.

Keep A Mental Gratitude Log: It’s easy to forget in our stressful, jam-packed schedules that we have so much to be grateful for. Try taking a few moments each day to shower yourself with some healthy perspective by making a note of all your milestones – big and small.

Start A New Hobby: As silly as it may sound, taking yourself on a "new-hobby date” can foster independence, a sense of adventure, and a lot of fun. Be it cooking classes, a dance class or a dodgeball team, exploring a new hobby can be the perfect way to get in touch with yourself and widen your circle.

Travel to new places: If you think traveling has to be done with another person, think again! Going on a solo trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go can give you the best of all worlds when traveling…You can travel, sleep, eat, and explore whenever – and wherever – you want! You may also be surprised about the amazing people you’ll meet on your journey. Just remember to be safe!

Show Yourself The Same Love You’d Show A Lover: When we fall in love, we tend to shower our special someone with adoration, gifts, and most importantly, our best self. Now try to remember, when was the last time you gave yourself this much attention, praise, and empathy? Giving yourself grace and care can be just the thing to remind you how important you are.

Look After Your Body: Sometimes when we’re on our own, it’s easier to eat whatever processed junk food is the most convenient and tastes good in the moment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make sure you’re preparing and eating things with the same amount of love it would take to prepare for another person. You are worth more than a sleeve of cookies and a can of soda.

Nurture Your Soul: What is an activity that doesn’t involve screens (phones, tablets, TVs) that makes you really happy? Maybe it’s going to the theater or checking out an art exhibit. Perhaps it’s going on a hike or doing some kayaking. Whatever it is, make sure you carve out some time to prioritize these “soul-nurturing” experiences.

Source: Glam

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