People Share the Red Flags They Ignored in Their Partners

Dating and relationships often come with red flags that we either squint past in order to hold on to the dream of a perfect partner or it’s something that we can’t even see until after we’ve “consciously uncoupled”.

Here are a few of those “should’ve known” red flags that people have submitted in the hopes of not making the same mistake twice…

  • "Walked far, FAR ahead of me when we’d go out, and NEVER looked back for me."
  • "Made a spare key to my condo, a week or two into our relationship, without asking me first.”
  • "He told me he didn't know how to react to tragedy. I brushed it off, but I later realized he was telling me he was not connected to his emotions. When I needed him for emotional support, he either invalidated me or turned it around to make it about him.”
  • "How quick he was to anger over the tiniest things. At first I overlooked it, but then, he would become insulting and cruel and just plain annoying. Just the other day, he threw a full-blown tantrum (like kids do) because he wasn’t able to get the shoes he wanted. Don’t know why I’m still with him."
  • "He was too grandiose. He was constantly telling stories about his past that made him seem interesting or badass, and he made sure to align himself and make connections with people he thought made him look good. It impressed everyone around him, including me. It turned out that a lot of his stories were heavily embellished, and he was cripplingly insecure.”
  • "He was hateful and mean to everyone but me."
  • "She lied about multiple things in her online profile. She said she lived in a city she didn’t (later saying she 'just moved' to be near her mom), that she was a non-smoker (she was), and that she was a pre-kindergarten teacher (she later admitted she was unemployed after she 'moved')."
  • "On our first date, my ex was a little rude to the staff at the casino we were at. A few weeks later, he cut in front of someone in a line at an amusement park. He was very much the opposite with me so I just dismissed those behaviors. Eventually, though, the rose-colored glasses came off, and I saw what a narcissist (and a racist) he is.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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