People are Sharing Their Landlord Horror Stories

Sure, there are some great landlords out there. But if you’ve ever rented a place, you know very well that there are landlords out there that just aren’t that great. Author Lucy Huber tweeted about problems she had in places she used to rent plus her landlords’ solutions to the problems. When the pipe froze during the winter, her landlord told her to wash dishes in the bathtub! This sparked other renters, and former renters, to reply with their landlord horror stories. Here are some of the best (or worst) replies.

  • “The fridge in the unit next to mine stopped working so landlord gave the tenants keys to my apartment and told them to just use my fridge (without telling me).”
  • “[T]he thermostat for our apartment was in someone else’s apartment. ‘here’s their number, text them when you want it changed.’”
  • “One time our water heater had a leak so our landlord suggested shutting off our water until the new one came (about a week) and said we could take showers and brush our teeth at her house across town.”
  • “Roof in my apartment was being redone, they took out the skylight and covered it up, but didn’t tell us. Whole bedroom was covered in debris and dust. Offered a pizza gift card as apology.”
  • “[N]eighbors call the police because they saw someone try to break into my place at night, i ask landlord for cameras installed: landlord says banks have cameras and banks get robbed every day.”
  • “I once had a wasp infestation, and the landlord “didn’t see evidence of wasps” and told me that if I killed another one, I could bring it to him as proof, so I caught one and took him a live wasp.”

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Source: Buzzfeed

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