"Shading" is the Dating Trend to Look Out For This Summer

Have you heard of “shading?” It’s a dating behavior that’s common in the summer and the term, which was coined by the dating app Wingman, means putting the person you’re seeing in the shade to cool off, so to speak. The idea is that during the warm summer months people have social calendars full of possibilities, so they’re less interested in being in a committed relationship.

It’s kind of the opposite of cuffing season, when singles tend to couple up during the cold winter months. Wingman founder Tina Wilson says people know all about cuffing season, but they really don’t talk about shading as much. “During summertime when there’s more focus on friends, travel, and good weather, people tend to be less open to finding committed partnerships and the dating scene can become that much more confusing to navigate.”

A survey from Wingman finds 67% of users have either shaded someone or been shaded themselves. These are the red flags that you might be getting “shaded.”

  • A change in communication that starts in summer - If they used to text you every morning and they suddenly stop, or the funny and thoughtful replies they used to send turn into one-word answers, dating coach Damona Hoffman says you should pay attention.
  • They don’t make time for you - “If it feels like you have to jump through hoops to arrange drinks or dinner, there’s a good chance you’re getting shaded,” warns dating coach Blaine Anderson.
  • Their summer plans don’t include you - If the person you’re seeing is suddenly more interested in nights out with their friends that you’re not a part of, that’s a warning sign, Wilson says.
  • And if you feel like you’re being shaded, you may want to take a step back. “Summer may not be the best time to find a committed relationship,” Anderson explains. “So if it feels like the universe is trying to tell you that, listen! The more you accept it and focus on having fun in the moment, the happier you’ll be.”

Source: Huff Post

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