Guys Share Little Things Women Do That Give Them Butterflies

There’s a lot of negative stuff on the Internet, so when we come across something that’s uplifting, we want to share it. A heartwarming Reddit thread is the latest example. It asks, “Men of Reddit, what is something you like about women that has nothing to do with sex or their body?”

The responses are sweet and wholesome and these are some of the best:

  • "Their laughter, if it's a woman you love there is no sound sweeter — at least to me."
  • "How tough and protective they can be when the sh*t hits the fan."
  • “When they are passionate about something and get excited and they start talking super fast. Then they apologize for talking so much even though I’ve been listening super intently because if they care about something so much, I want to hear why. Then you hit them with a follow-up question that shows you were paying attention the whole time and their eyes just widen up and sparkle."
  • "Perspective. They have a wildly different perspective on people, the world, and relationships than I do. It's so valuable to get that perspective and try to see the world a little differently."
  • "When one woman sees another in a cute sundress or skirt or something like that and it has functional pockets, they all do the same thing. Woman 1: 'Ooh, that's cute. I like your dress.' Woman 2: 'Thanks. It has pockets!' They all always put both hands into the pockets, fan their hands out as wide as the pockets allow, and do an adorable little side-to-side curtsy motion."
  • "Their friendships. They give each other gifts and call each other, and support each other. That's really solid stuff"
  • "The softness of their voice."
  • "The genuineness of their emotions. They're more rooted to that part of themselves than most men are encouraged to be/discouraged from being."
  • "When my wife gets excited about something her smile and energy are just contagious. I love that about her."
  • “How they can always find the thing I’m looking for in the fridge in 2 seconds after I give up the search.”
  • "They have an acute understanding of emotion and body language — so they're able to pick up on things men can't. They complement us perfectly that way."

Source: Reddit

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