An Expert Shares "Beige Flags" Job Hunters Should Look Out For

Maybe you’ve heard about “beige flags” when it comes to relationships. But have you heard about them when it comes to job hunting? Just like we look out for red or beige flags while we’re dating, we should be looking out for them while looking for jobs, too.

“When it comes to dating apps and job hunting, there are a few natural parallels,” founder and commercial director of “HiJOBS” Laura Saunders explains. The beige flag trend leans into the sense of frustration and demotivation people can feel from fruitless dating app matches and uninspiring connections. The emotional reaction to ineffectual job searches and failed applications is very similar.”

So what are these beige flags you should be looking for?

  1. Beware of the bland. Look out for phrases like “excellent communication skills”, “goals-orientated” or “the ability to multi-task” as they lack specificity.
  2. Steer clear of cringe. Quirky job titles may seem cute, but it could show the company’s trying too hard.
  3. A “competitive salary.” It’s all about salary transparency right now, and if they’re just saying “competitive,” they’re not being transparent.
  4. Promoting the non-perks. Showcasing the legally obligated holidays and maternity pay aren’t real perks.
  5. Attention to detail. If the job listing has spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or weird formatting.. not the best sign.
  6. Tell us about yourself. If they have you fill out a form asking for exactly the same info as your resume and cover letter.
  7. Just all a bit… vague. Pay attention if interviews are rescheduled, delayed, or if answers on them aren’t specific.

Source: Metro UK

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