TikTok Gives Parents Control Over the Content Their Teens See

TikTok is making a change that teen users probably won’t appreciate, but their parents will. They’re adding their content filtering tool to their Family Pairing feature, which was introduced back in 2020. It lets parents link their account to their teen’s in order to enable content and privacy settings, according to the company.

Parents will be able to filter out videos with words and hashtags they don’t want their teen to see in their For You or Following feeds. “We’re bringing this content filtering tool to Family Pairing to empower caregivers to help reduce the likelihood of their teen viewing content they may uniquely find jarring,” TikTok explains in a blog post.

They share that they worked with experts, including the Family Online Safety Institute, to “strike a balance between enabling families to choose the best experience for their needs while also ensuring we respect young people’s rights to participate in the online world.” TikTok’s existing Family Pairing features require kids to opt-in to allow parental control and that’s true of the keyword and hashtag filtering as well. Teens can override the parental controls by disabling the restrictions.

Source: Tech Crunch

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