Men Can Only Join THIS Dating App if They're Endorsed by Women

If you’ve ever used a dating app, chances are you’ve had a less than ideal date with a match. He probably seemed so normal on his profile, but when you met in real life, the red flags were waving. But a different kind of dating app is trying to change that by only offering dates with good guys.

It’s called Hulah and it claims to help you “date better guys” by only allowing men to join who are endorsed and added by other women. Heather Hopkins, CEO and founder of Hulah, says she was inspired to start the app after connecting with men on apps who seemed “so funny and great,” only to go on “horrible” dates.

But she knew there were good guys out there because she knew some and so did her friends, so she came up with the idea to have women vouch for the good guys they know. Here’s how it works:

  • Women can join the app, whether they’re single or in a relationship, and they become a “ringleader.”
  • Then they can create a “fleet” of men, marking them as “has potential” or “fully endorsed.”
  • Other Hulah users can message the ringleader to find out about the guys in her fleet and report back if he behaves badly so she can remove him.
  • When you match with someone, you have to schedule a five minute video chat before you can message, which is a way to weed out shady characters or catfish.
  • For any guys out there who think the app seems unfair, Heather says, “Be a good guy, and you’ll have no problem getting in.”

Source: Metro

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