Signs You're Better Off Without Them

I get it – you really like them. You may even think you love them. But everyone around you says that they’re bad news. No matter how much you want it to happen, you know it won’t happen, or you know it won’t get to anywhere serious. It’s hard to admit to yourself – you may even still be in denial.

 To help you get through that, look out for these signs. If you see them, it means that you’re better without them. Remember that!

  1. They’re still on Tinder.
  2. You’re rarely their plus one.
  3. They don’t do anything to make you feel special.
  4. They’re unambitious and have no future.
  5. It’s been weeks and you’re nowhere near relationship territory.
  6. They’re warm with you in private but act like you’re their buddy in public.
  7. They’re weird about their phone.
  8. They stay out way too late ALL the time.
  9. Their friends pity you.

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Source: Bolde

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