Redditors Call Out Things Everyone Looks Stupid Doing

No matter how cool you are, there are some things that will leave you looking anything but cool, no matter what. A Reddit thread is calling them out by asking, “What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?”

It’s all in good fun and these are bound to give you a good laugh:

  • "Chasing after something that's being blown away by the wind."
  • "Standing or sitting awkwardly while everyone sings, 'Happy Birthday to You.'"
  • "Getting out of the backseat of a two-door car."
  • "Chasing a ping pong ball."
  • "When you're walking in the opposite way you're supposed to go, and you have to do a sudden 180-degree turn."
  • "We all look a bit silly when we confidently walk into a glass door we thought was open."
  • "A rant filmed from your car seat."
  • "Trying to take off your pants without removing your shoes first."
  • "TikTok dances."
  • "Getting denied that high five"
  • "Walking through a cobweb that no one else sees, and then waving your arms around a lot to get rid of the cobwebs on your body."
  • "Running with a backpack on."
  • "Waving back to someone who isn’t waving at you"
  • "Looking for a photo to show someone on your phone as it takes forever."
  • "Waiting to grab your dog's sh*t."
  • "Trying to find your car when you lost it in a parking lot."
  • "Riding hoverboards. I saw some douche riding one in the grocery store a while back. He was trying to go through self-checkout but kept rolling away from the scanner."
  • "Taking selfies."
  • "Trying to fight off a bee."
  • "Telling people you’re an influencer."

Source: Reddit

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