The "Wrong Shoe" Theory is the Latest Fashion Trend

Want to look effortlessly cool when you walk out the door? To do it right, you need the “wrong shoe,” according to the latest viral trend in fashion. It’s called the “wrong shoe theory” and essentially, the idea is that choosing a pair of shoes that have a contrasting look as the rest of your outfit makes the whole ensemble work better.

Think beachy sandals with dressy pants or chunky boots with a flowy summer dress and you’re on the right track. So instead of choosing the shoe that seems like the “right” choice for an outfit, you go with the unexpected one and that makes for the perfect ‘fit. It’s all about opposites attracting and while that concept is far from new, it’s recently become incredibly popular on TikTok, where the wrong shoe theory has racked up more than 27-million views.

Stylist Allison Bornstein coined the term in a video she posted last month, explaining how the simple styling trick can help your outfit look more visually appealing and unique. “This is why I think the wrong shoe theory is so important,” she explains on TikTok. “It sort of signals that there is some intention and choice, and therefore it gives your look personality.”

Source: NY Post

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