Signs They're Starting to Get Sick of You

If you’re new to being in a relationship, you’re probably worried they’re getting sick of you. It’s a common worry! You’re spending a lot more time with someone and you don’t want to overextend your welcome. You’re still getting to know each other and you don’t want to come off too strong. All of this is normal.

To help you out, there are some signs for you to look out for that mean they are starting to get kind of sick of you. If you don’t notice these things, you’re good! If you do notice these things, it may be time to reevaluate things.

  1. They ignore your texts.
  2. They cancel plans with you to hang out with other people.
  3. They mention their female/male coworkers a lot more these days.
  4. They’re picking fights about really silly things.
  5. Your mutual friends are acting kind of strange.
  6. Your fights have a bottom line.
  7. Dates are getting awkward.
  8. They get super weird about weddings.
  9. They outright tell you he’s sick of this.

Source: Bolde

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