Reasons Why You Still Need Your Own Life in a Relationship

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to do things together. It’s easy for your interests to become your partner's, and vice versa. You’re a team, you spend a ton of time together, and you genuinely enjoy each other’s company. That’s all great!

But don’t lose sight of yourself and have your own life, too. It’s important to still have your own life, even while you’re in a relationship, and here’s why.

  1. If you break up, you’ll be starting back at zero.
  2. It’s important to have control over your own life.
  3. You might start feeling a little resentful.
  4. You don’t want to shut out your friends.
  5. Your hobbies will make you a more well-rounded person.
  6. It’s healthy for the relationship itself.
  7. You’ll think up way more interesting date ideas.
  8. You’ll be expanding your friend group.
  9. You’ll be a lot happier.
  10. It’s important to remember who you were before the relationship.

Source: Bolde

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