Love Don't Cost a Thing With These Date Ideas

Nothing in life is free. Dating can get really expensive. But you don’t have to totally break the bank if you want to impress someone new or take your boo out on a fun date. There are plenty of budget-friendly date night options for you to consider, like these.

  1. Picnic in the park. You can make this a fun routine, and switch up the food you bring with you each time.
  2. Go on a hike. You’ll see the great outdoors, conquer something together, and most parks are free to hike at.
  3. Movie night at home. You’re already subscribed to a bunch of different services, right? Take advantage of them!
  4. Build your own pizza night. Instead of ordering pizza in, make your own!
  5. Fly a kite. Head to your local park, get some fresh air, and release your inner kids again by flying kites. See whose goes higher!
  6. Visit a museum. Lots of museums are free or discounted nights/days each month that you should totally take advantage of.
  7. Try a new recipe. You’ve probably been saving a ton of recipes on TikTok, right? Have a date night and try making it together!
  8. Do a new TikTok challenge. You’ve also seen a ton of dance challenges or juicy Q&A tests on TikTok. Do them together!
  9. Visit a national park. If you’re looking for a road trip, find the closest national park to you and experience its beauty. They typically only require a small entrance fee.
  10. Watch the sunset. What’s more romantic than that?

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Source: PopSugar

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