"Sleepunders" are the new Sleepover Alternative

Lots of kids love sleepovers, with all the staying up way past their bedtime and hanging out with their friends. But some kids feel nervous about spending the night away from home and sometimes, they get so anxious, they want their parents to come pick them up that evening. And for kids like that, the “sleepunder” is the ideal alternative.

A “sleepunder” gives kids the chance to have fun with a lot of the same perks as a sleepover, but without the actual sleeping over part. The kids still do the same things they’d do at a slumber party, having pizza and snacks, playing games, watching movies in pajamas with pillows, but when that’s over, say between 9 and 10 p.m., the friends go home and everyone gets to sleep that night, which doesn’t always happen at a slumber party.

They’re great for parents, who don’t have to deal with noise all night long, and for any little ones who might not quite be ready for an all-night event. There are no set rules, so you and your kids can do their sleepunder any way that works best for them. And there’s no risk of having to get up and drive an unhappy kid home in the middle of the night, which may be the best part of all.

Source: Yahoo

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