Expert Tips to Scoring Seats at Top Concerts

Getting tickets to a popular concert can be incredibly challenging, as Swifties across the country recently learned. According to a new survey of 2-thousand adults, 53% of people have missed out on going to their dream festival or concert because they were stuck in an online queue. And nearly two-thirds (62%) say buying tickets online is just too hard these days.

The poll reveals:

  • When trying to score tickets, 32% set up different devices and log in an average of 12 minutes before the queue opens.
  • The biggest issues with ticket buying include pricing (50%), automated bots buying up tickets (44%), and the time involved (37%).
  • About 12% would even trade a jackpot-winning lottery ticket for front-row seats to the band or artist of their dreams.

To help you avoid missing out on a show you really want to see, a ticket-buying expert is revealing her secrets of ticket-scoring success. Music journalist Georgie Rogers, a pro at what she calls the “military operation” of grabbing tickets, says these are her tips and tricks:

  • Teaming up with friends and family so you all try your luck is crucial.
  • Tablets tend to work best for quickly connecting to the Internet.
  • Hopeful attendees should know the layout of different venues by heart so they can know which seats to get.

Source: Study Finds

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