Doc Says to Never Use Your Friend's Lipstick

When you’re getting ready with your bestie for a night out, or fixing your makeup after having a meal, do you ever share your lipstick with your friends? Some of us are totally fine with that and think nothing of offering a lip balm or lip gloss to a pal, others are strictly against sharing and after hearing this, you may be, too.

A dermatologist on TikTok is sharing why using someone else’s lip products is a terrible idea. In a video Dr. Adel explains, “The herpes virus that causes cold sores is highly contagious and it can be spread through your saliva.” That means if your friend has it and you swipe on their lipstick, you’re exposing yourself to it because the virus can be spread through saliva and germs on the product.

You may be thinking that you’d never share lip balm with someone who has cold sores, but you could still be at risk since Dr. Adel warns, “You can carry the virus without showing symptoms/having cold sores.” And while cold sores aren’t the end of the world, if not using someone else’s lip products protects you from getting them, why take a chance?

Source: Metro

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