After Dating For Three Months, You Should Know These Things

Three months may not be a super long time to be with someone but it’s a decent amount of time for sure. Within three months, you get to know your partner better. Three months is also a good amount of time for you to figure out whether you want to be with this person and hopefully take things to the next level, or if it’s time to cut your losses.

To make that decision, there are some things you’ll need to know about them first, and you should know these things within the first three months. If you don’t, it’s time to have a serious convo with them or take it as a sign.

  1. If they’re still on dating apps.
  2. If they want to date exclusively or hook up with other people.
  3. If they call you their BF/GF to other people.
  4. Whether or not you vibe with their friends.
  5. If their communication style aligns with yours.
  6. If they’re trustworthy and reliable.
  7. If their bad habits are forgivable.
  8. If their values and morals match your own.
  9. If their politics bother you.
  10. How well you get along with their family.
  11. If they see themselves with you long-term.

Source: Bolde

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