A Psychologist Tells Us How to Separate Work Life from Home Life

It’s hard separating your work life from your home life, especially if you work from home. But it’s so important to do this, for your own mental health. Easier said than done, we know. Technology has led to blurred lines when it comes to trying to draw a boundary between work life and home life.

So how can we do it? Psychologist Dr. Paulette Sherman is here to help. She’s shared her tips with “Glam” on how you can separate the two.

  1. Have a ritual to transition between work and home headspaces. Your work and relaxation headspaces aren’t the same and it can be hard to just turn it off. Create a habit like taking a walk or doing meditation to help you shift your headspace.
  2. Keep to a consistent work schedule and communicate it to others. Especially if you WFH, make a work schedule and let others know what hours you’ll be in your work zone.
  3. Have a certain area associated with work. If you don’t have a traditional office to travel to, be intentional and mindful of how you set up your “office” space. Even better if it’s closed off.
  4. Turn off the electronics. Turn your work computer and work phone off when you’re not working! Signs out of your email if you have your work stuff on your personal phone or laptop.
  5. Create pockets of time to be present and focus on loved ones. Have a weekly family day or date night that becomes a ritual, like having dinner or breakfast together. Just focus on that rather and don’t multi-task with work.

Source: Glam

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