The Most Horrific Things People Have Seen at Work

Work isn’t the only thing you see at the workplace and sometimes… the things you see are not good. Redditor u/AMGBOI69420 definitely saw this for himself firsthand when he asked fellow Redditors, "What’s the most f*cked-up thing you’ve seen at work?" and some of these things probably haunt them still to this day.

  • "I'm a nurse who used to work in an oncology unit. One of my patient’s family members walked into the wrong room by accident. The patient in that room had passed away and was shrouded, waiting to be transported to the morgue. She threw herself on top of the body weeping, thinking it was her loved one, and that no one had called her. Then, we realized what was not good."
  • "I once saw someone step into a bucket of hot fryer oil — it got into their shoes and everything. It was so bad that when they took the shoe off, it peeled off their skin with it. The person had second and, I believe, third-degree burns. He never came back to work, but I saw the pictures — it was horrific."
  • "I used to work at a regional coffee shop in the midwest. We had seen a few cockroaches around, and management called in exterminators. On a hunch (something to do with cockroaches' innate love for heat), a guy lifted the espresso machine open and found not one, not two, not three, but a whole-a** colony of cockroaches eco-systeming it up right in the machinery. That was two years into my college job as a barista there, and I had a latte everyday!"

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Source: Reddit

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