A Dating Expert Says Successful Couples Share These Three Values

Some old sayings offer wisdom that seems to stand the test of time, like two wrongs don’t make a right and where there’s smoke there’s fire. But when it comes to dating, there’s one platitude that we may want to retire. Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert at Match.com says if you’re hoping to find a long-term partner, it might help to give up the idea that “opposites attract.”

“Everyone thinks opposites attract, but the reality is similarities are what you can build a foundation on,” she explains. Having a partner with a different personality can be a good fit, but it’s important that your values and goals align.

DeAlto says successful couples tend to have these values in common:

  • Finances - They agree on how they want to save and spend their money.
  • Family - They share the same vision for how they want to create a family and care for them.
  • Lifestyle - They like to spend their time in similar ways and enjoy the same activities, like traveling or exercising.

This expert recommends having a straightforward conversation about values and future plans before you get serious with someone to help you figure out if you’ll be a good fit in the long run.

Source: CNBC

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