These Money Saving Tips Actually Aren't That Great

Saving money isn’t easy, and with the way prices keep going up, it’s become even harder. We keep hearing money-saving advice, but does it actually work? Members of the Buzzfeed Community are sharing the money-saving tips they’ve been seeing that really aren’t that great.

  • "A lot of these 'tips' don't account for the cost of your time. It takes time to search for coupons and deals, time and gas to go to multiple (or even one) stores to shop. It takes time to meal prep, and clean up after meal prep. Everyone's values of how to spend their time are different, and it may be worth the extra monetary cost to save some time."
  • "I always hear shop at thrift stores! Local thrift stores around here are so pricey, especially the kids ones. $8 for a used shirt for a 4-year-old when I can get a brand new one for $5."
  • "People who evangelize about line-drying the laundry must sit in a lawn chair with a shotgun until it's dry because I have not once gone outside to retrieve the washing without finding it covered in bird sh*t."
  • "'Pay yourself first.' With what? If I don’t pay my bills it’s going to cost me a lot more in the long run. Also, side hustles in general. I can barely physically handle my job and have enough of a social life to not develop mental illness on top of physical disability. No, I cannot find time for more work. Besides, we should all be making enough money working 40 hours a week."
  • "Upcycling and DIYing everything is good in theory but when you end up buying $100 in supplies and end up with a mediocre result, maybe it was better just to spend that money at Ikea."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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