Women Share the Best Thing Their Partner Has Done For Them

It’s easy to call out the things our partners do and say that we don’t like, but we don’t always give them credit for the good stuff. A post in Reddit’s Ask Women section is highlighting the positives. It asks, “What is the best thing your partner has done for you?”

Hundreds of women are sharing the big and small stuff they appreciate their S.O.’s doing for them.

  • “Got me sober and showed me how awesome sober living can be. Helped me figure out why I was numbing myself to life rather than facing it.”
  • “Showed me what love is, what respect is. How to be healthy in a relationship. Showed me peace and an environment to be myself with him.”
  • “She took care of me after I had heart surgery.”
  • “Wiped my *ss when I was too sick to do it myself. I remember thinking ‘oh this guy actually loves me.’”
  • “He’s honest with me. You wouldn’t really think that’s a big deal - but it is.”
  • “Surprise visit to Paris”
  • “So many… he moved to my country to be with me. He cooks for us 99% of the time. He adults properly.
  • “One of the sweetest things he does for me is put his cold hand on my hot neck. It's a simple way to show love and it always cools me down!”
  • “Encouraged me to get into therapy.”
  • “Flooded me with kisses when I woke up crying from a nightmare.”
  • “He let me keep the dog when we broke up, which was probably the most significant and meaningful thing he could have done.”
  • “Didn’t give up on me”
  • “Made a garden for me because he knows I like growing things but I hate digging”
  • “The best of all was believing in us so early on and helping me plan my move 1,000 miles across the country to move in with him after knowing each other for two months online.”
  • “Not fight me in the divorce.”
  • “Ranted with me about the ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’”

Source: Reddit

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