The Biggest, But Avoidable, Relationship Mistakes People Have Made

As humans, we all make mistakes, even in relationships. Some mistakes are avoidable though, especially if you know about them in advance. Redditor u/Valuable-Ad440 asked fellow Redditors “What do you think is the biggest mistake people make in relationships?” and people really delivered – all so you can avoid these mistakes!

  • "Always remember that in a relationship, it's not 50/50 to make 100%. Each person has to put in 100%."
  • "Waiting until you’re too far in to discuss marriage and kids — that’s an issue that needs to be hammered out before you completely shut yourself off from anyone else."
  • "Romance and attraction aren’t always enough to sustain a relationship or marriage. On the days they don’t, the two people need to show up for each other as friends; it will always go a long way."
  • “Arguing over mundane things. What I've learned in my eight-year relationship thus far is that some things, although annoying, are just not worth an argument. Sure, if he's cheating or something as big as that, then yes, it'd end in an argument. But I'm not going to cause World War III because he came home a bit too drunk or because he didn't do something in the house he promised to do; focus your energy on things that matter."
  • "Expecting their partner to be everything at all times. The perfect sexual partner, emotional support, playmate, gift-giver, doer of chores, fixer of things, chef, and anything else you can think of — no person can be all of those things."

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Source: Reddit

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