Things Women Really Want Men to Stop Doing

There are some things men just seem clueless about and a Reddit thread is calling those things out. It asks, “Women of Reddit, what’s something specific that you wish men would stop doing?”

Nearly 5-thousand females have taken the chance to vent about these behaviors from men they’ve had enough of. These are some of the best.

  • “Try to touch me with dirty hands. Go clean your talons first.”
  • “When you need to get past me, please don't put your hands on my waist/hips/lower back to move me aside. I don't know you. Stop touching me.”
  • “Just because a woman is not smiling, it is not your job to change that.”
  • “Thinking that what the guys in porn do is what we want.”
  • “Expressing your emotions' with angry violent outbursts.”
  • “Confuse politeness or kindness with flirting.”
  • “Acting like they’re single while having a girlfriend.”
  • “Calling yourself an 'alpha' or 'sigma' male. You aren’t necessarily hurting anyone by doing it, but no one takes you seriously when you talk like that.”
  • “Being mean to girls they find unattractive”
  • “If a woman tells you she's a lesbian when you're flirting, it means one of two things: 1: She is a lesbian. 2: She is pretending to be a lesbian, so you'll stop flirting with her. Either way, you should stop flirting.”
  • “Dismissing our safety concerns and trying to gaslight us out of taking basic precautions.”
  • “Assuming that when we are in a mood we have our period.”
  • “Spitting on the floor in public. Why do they do it?”
  • “Thinking they know our bodies better than us”
  • “Not calling out other "bros" for misogynistic behavior.”

Source: Reddit

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